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$29.99/mo each for 12mos when bundled*

3 Great Charter Services!
Charter TV® Select
Charter Internet® Plus
Charter Phone® Unlimited
Starts As Low As $29.99/mo.*each for 12mos when bundled   
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Charter TV® Select, Charter Internet® Plus, and Charter Phone® Unlimited Promotions

The Secret to Saving Big Bucks and Getting the Best Entertainment Available with Charter Communications®!

We all look forward to a lot of things every month - spending time with our family, catching the latest movie, eating out at our favorite restaurant. But one thing none of us likes doing each month is paying bills. No one looks forward to that stack of envelopes we have to go through and the checks we have to write. After mortgage or rent payments, the biggest expense you face may be your cable, broadband, and telephone bills. Each one just seems to get bigger and bigger year after year. Well now you can stop paying outrageous bills to separate companies by ordering bundled services through Charter Communications®. One low monthly fee for all three services. And what do you get for such a low price? Read on and see - I think you'll find yourself nicely surprised.

Three Great Services - One Low Price

Why bundle your telephone, Internet, and entertainment services into one single bill through Charter Communications®? By combining all three together Charter Communications® can offer customers an unbelievable low price. Not only do you save money, but you get one easy bill for all three services. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the best entertainment and telephone services offered today. And if you're just interested in one of the services Charter Communications® offers, don't worry. You can take advantage of great savings by purchasing each great service individually. Next, I take you through each service and explain why Charter Communications® can't be beat. Find the Best Charter TV® Deals here!

Charter TV®: Unbeatable Entertainment and Quality

If you're still not convinced how great Charter Communications® services are wait until you read about their cable television offer. Charter TV® Offers weather-resistant reliablility. Plus, there's no equipment to buy or dish to install on your home. Get more entertainment for less with 125+ of the most popular channels in crystal-clear picture & sound quality. This includes On Demand programming which features over 10,000 movies and shows that start whenever you want. Quickly find your favorite shows with the Program Guide and enjoy live fights, concerts & sporting events with Charter Communications® Pay-Per-View. And much more! Order Charter TV® today.

Fast Charter Internet® Plus: Get More Done in Less Time

Are you still in the slow lane with dial-up Internet service? Charter Internet® Plus gives you packages like Charter Internet® Plus which is 30Mbps (where available) so you can enjoy some of the fastest download speeds available! Charter Communications® utilizes innovative technologies to offer the fastest, most reliable high-speed Internet service available†. Great for shopping, paying bills, chat, surfing, e-mail and much more. Watch free sports online ESPN3. Comes with up to 10 email accounts + 20MB of Web space.

Charter Phone® Unlimited is Full Of Features and Offers a Money-Back Gurantee

With Charter Phone® Unlimited service, you get high quality telephone service offered at low rates. You could save up to 30% or more over your regular phone service. You don't have to buy new phones or change your telephone number when you switch. All you have to do is order Charter Phone® Unlimited and then call your local telephone provider and tell them you're done paying outrageous fees and per minute chargers forever. For one low monthly rate, you get UNLIMITED local and long distance calls to anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. No matter who you call or how long you talk, you pay the same low rate every month. And will you still get all the extras with your new phone plan? Absolutely. Includes Voicemail and 13 popular calling features like call waiting and call forwarding at no additional cost. Charter Communications® even offers low international calling plans. How good is this service? Charter Communications® includes a Money-Back Gurantee. Visit for full details. You can't lose!

Charter Communications® has delivered outstanding cable television and service to their customers for years. Now Charter Communications® leads the way with great telephone and Internet packages. If you're ready to stop paying outrageous bills to telephone and Internet companies call or order online from Charter Communications® today. With one low rate for all three you'll save tons of money and enjoy the best phone, high-speed Internet, and cable television entertainment available!

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